Sometimes, things suck

Positive thinking.  We’ve all heard of it, chances are some of you even try to do it.  I don’t.  Can’t stand it.  When people tell me to “think positively” my heart sinks.  Why? Life isn’t all positive.  Sometimes it’s painful, hard, frustrating and downright annoying.  It can also be wonderful, inspiring, uplifting and joyous.  Sometimes Read more

Nine to Noon: Mental illness treatment costs

This morning I had a chat with Kathryn Ryan on the Radio NZ National show, Nine to Noon.  We talked about the research into the effectiveness of psychotherapy.  She also talked with Sovereign Insurance about their approach to the funding of talk therapy.  To listen to the interview click below Read more


I have a confession to make.  Sometimes when I have a spare hour at work, I lie down on my couch and have a wee nap.  One of the benefits of being self employed I guess.  I know I could never do it “on the clock” when I was being paid a salary.  But why Read more

Why should money talk but therapy walk?

This post orginally appeared as an opinion peice in the Sunday News, 4th of August, 2013.  Click here to see the original article… I’ve been a Blues fan longer than I’ve been a therapist.  I grew up with the images of JK running through the entire Italian team in 1987, burned into my consciousness.  And Read more

Professional Counsel

This post originally appeared on the Public Address Blog site as a guest blog.  Click here for the original… It works: End of story. I often think, it’s a strange job, being a therapist.  From a certain point of view all I do is have conversations with people.  I also often feel deeply privileged.  Just Read more

Alarm over depression therapy cuts

From: Herald on Sunday, 5:30 AM Sunday Jul 28, 2013, By Sally Webster Psychotherapists anxious as Govt, insurers redirect funds for depression Funding for talk therapy is drying up just as increasing numbers of New Zealanders are feeling comfortable talking about their problems. The country’s biggest income protection insurer, Sovereign, says claims for depression have Read more

Sleep on it

So you thought your brain was resting while you were asleep?  Well turns out parts of your brain are as active when you’re asleep as when you’re awake.  And while science doesn’t fully understand why we sleep, or exactly what function dreams serve, we do know that sleep plays an important role in the consolidation Read more

It’s people, people, people

In this weeks chat with Wallace, our last of the series on Resilience (see also: Resilience and Emotional Immune System) we talked about how one of the strongest predictors of peoples ability to cope with stress and trauma across life is the quality of our earliest relationship, that of the attachment to our mother.  (Yeah Read more

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