The willpower muscle

This week on Radio Live Tony and I chatted about how we can all improve our willpower, something we all struggle with at times.  It’s the human condition, and like I talked about last week learning to control our impulses is a vital skill for success and health in modern society.  To understand how to Read more

Pass the marshmallows

My colleague has kindly placed a bowl of Easter eggs in our reception, and every time I walk past it I have to stop myself, with varying degrees of success, from popping one in my mouth.  It’s amazing how quickly it becomes a habit, and not a helpful one.  In my weaker moments I’m sure Read more

Forget self esteem

Self esteem ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.  In fact if you have high self esteem you’re likely being a bit cruel to your self and maybe even putting down others, even just in your mind.  It’s competitive and conditional by nature.  And that has some real downsides.  I talked about some of those Read more

Treat ’em mean…

We’re all familiar with the idea that the best way to get someone moving is to give them a swift kick up the bum.  Sometimes it even works.  But it seems to me in Western culture we often feel the need to drive others and ourselves with criticism and negativity.  “Get hard; Get on with Read more

Shyness and social anxiety

When I was reading some articles and blog posts in preparation for my Radio Live bit this week (click here to listen to the interview) I came across a survey figure stating 50{1b812f7ed7a77644fff58caf46676f6948311bf403a3d395b7a7f87010507f87} of people in the USA describe themselves as”shy.”  Apparently that figure is rising, as is the number of people being diagnosed with Read more

Your parents were right

Turns out your parents were right, new research shows watching too much TV is bad for you.  This week on Radio Live Tony and I talked about the research that was in the news this week out of the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study. (Click here for audio of the interview) This world famous Read more

Presence and parenting

So today I talked to Tony Murrell on Radio Live about how we can use the approaches of mindfulness to improve parenting and our connection with our kids. (Click here for a link to the audio). It’s interesting because when you look at the positive psychology literature around parenting, it seems very pessimistic.  Initial studies Read more

Fear of fear

My talk this morning on Radio Live was all about anxiety and how we can use mindfulness skills to help us manage “fear of fear”.  (Click here for a link to the audio) Fear of fear makes us want to block or avoid the primary fear, and when this happens the tangle begins. Normally two Read more

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