Ban poverty

In an unprecedented show of support for the Auckland Council, John Key today announced that the National Government supported a ban on begging be enacted in the Central Auckland region. (Click here for the full story)

“Our only concern is it doesn’t go far enough” said Key. “We would like to see a full scale banning of a number of troublesome social problems, and believe that this is only the start. I think the reality is that most New Zealanders would like to see homelessness and poverty completely banned as well, at least in areas of high pedestrian traffic, in main shopping areas like Queen Street and large shopping malls around the Auckland area.”

The National Government has promised to pass the bill under urgency and will likely move to evict the homeless from their homeless street homes as early as next week. When asked what solutions the Government were looking at for the causes of homelessness, the Prime Minister replied:

“Well, we’re also looking to ban all complex problems, but that won’t be until next term. In the meantime the New Zealand public can decide if they agree with our approach. However I think most people would agree, life is complex enough already.”

The Bill will likely enable the Government to ban begging, homelessness and to begin evicting people from the streets. It is also understood to include provisions for a public private partnership to be set up to allow private contractors to build and rent streets to the homeless at no extra cost to the taxpayer. These streets will be far away from anyone who might be upset by the reality of poverty and suffering in New Zealand and may even be best placed underground.

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  • Mia July 4, 2013, 7:03 am

    WTF!!! He has finally proved himself to be a complete and utter idiot! Ban homelessness and Poverty? Oh yes…sure, lets just ban it and it will go away! and then we will let my buddies charge outrageous prices and keep on increasing the cost of living, we will lower wages, and benefits and ban them from being poor and homeless, so they bugger off and die! F*&^ you John Key.

  • Terry July 4, 2013, 11:50 am

    Why doesn’t he just set up concentration camps where they
    can live free of charge?

  • Andrew July 4, 2013, 2:18 pm

    Oh dear, this guy just does not get it… Wife, Kids and I
    were evicted from a HNZ house and have been struggling ever since.
    We are about to be evicted from our private rental as we can not
    pay the rent so this leaves us with little option but to live on
    the street. This guy has no clue as to what the rest of NZ is
    facing and although he was lucky enough to have built his fortune
    the rest of us have not been.

  • ZestySea July 5, 2013, 5:42 pm

    One of the fundamental problems here is begging does not
    equal homelessness and vice versa. Not all beggars are homeless and
    certainly not all homeless people beg. Giving people who beg money
    does however enable begging. That means if you get money from
    begging (and sometimes the money is quite reasonable) then the very
    next day you will try your luck again. In the same way gambling is
    addictive, so is begging. It does little to help people support
    themselves. Not sure about the link, (which goes no where) maybe to
    this article?

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