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Men and street violence

Mid-week I had a chat with Sean Plunket on Radio Live about the Jesse Ryder assault, men, violence and fighting.  Here’s the link in case you missed it:

Click here for the audio of the interview

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  • Heather Avia April 8, 2013, 3:06 pm

    Closing the alcohol outlets at midnight might be of some
    help I can remember biking home alone after work from late evening
    shift work when there was still 10pm closing, and the streets
    always seemed totally safe for a lone middle-aged woman. Now it
    would be impossible and highly dangerous. There has always been a
    problem with alcohol-fueled violence, but it is now a lot worse,
    and involving much younger people. It might cause great outrage in
    some quarters, including the entertainment industry, to suggest
    getting back to early closing, but it probably be a great relief to
    the hospital accident and emergency departments, and the health
    system all round! There would be a lot more time and money to care
    for sick people. Also there would be a lot less serious traffic
    crashes, and also the police would have a lot more time to deal
    with other sorts of crime.

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