Thanks everyone for the support, and thanks to Action Station.

Plenty of people asked me why I think what I do about this…

1.I believe in the importance of speaking out if you feel strongly about it

2. I am deeply grateful to live in a country where people can speak and be safe as well as heard

3. I think people in power, and even more so our elected representatives should set an example

4. We have the highest level of sexual violence in the western world, by some reports

5. 2015: Roastbusters

6. The Ponytail

7. “You back the rapists”

8. All this amounts to a pattern of behaviour

9. I would love of John Key to seriously want to learn more about this issue, and make amends

10. Don’t just apologise John Key, change your behaviour.  Act like a statesman


(Below video trigger warning and will make you cry warning)…

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  • Box345 December 24, 2015, 12:36 pm

    Victim-blaming is anathema to White Ribbon.
    On this blog, MacDonald has referred to “John Key’s prison rape joke”. The truth is that was no “john Key’s prison rape joke.
    What really happened was that John Key became the victim of someone else’s prison rape joke.
    Sordidly, Kyle MacDonald has used “victim-blaming”.
    Kyle MacDonald has glorified “victim-blaming”.
    According to MacDonald’s logic, all rape victims should be ashamed of themselves, and should distance themselves from White Ribbon.

    • Kyle MacDonald December 24, 2015, 1:02 pm

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, albeit anonymously.
      Your logic is seriously flawed, not for one moment do I believe JK was the victim
      of anything, he willingly participated in the gag. And given his office and role he certainly had the power to not participate.
      Furthermore, if we accept his explanation he wasn’t aware of the joke at the time (and plenty don’t) he has made no genuine effort to apologise, or make amends.
      These are not the actions of a victim, they are the actions of a powerful man who denies and minimises the impact of his actions: and this is exactly what White Ribbon asks people to take a stand against.

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