Beneficiary Bashing

In the last couple of weeks, we have once more been subjected to another round of “beneficiary bashing” thanks to a pronouncment from the Minister of Social Development, Ms Paula Bennett,  that New Zealander’s on a benefit are “abusing the privilege” and going on overseas holidays at a shockingly high rate. Sadly it’s not unusual Read more

ACC Privacy ruling welcomed for Sensitive Claimants

Press Release: New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists Tuesday 15th April, 2014 *** Yesterday’s District Court ruling, that the standard ACC release of information form the “ACC 167” is illegal, has been welcomed by psychotherapists and clinicians working with sexual abuse survivors. “The Disley Independent Clincial review of the ACC’s treatment of Sensitive Claimants, undertaken in Read more

The Problem with Gambling

Gambling has been in the news this week, due to some controversies about the funding of its treatment.  But how is gambling addictive, and what are the controversies with funding counselling?  Mark Sainsbury and I talked about this on Radio Live this week.  (Click here for audio of this weeks interview) The recent changes to Read more

Therapeutic trip

In just the last month, the first therpeutic drug study of LSD or “lysergic acid diethylamide” since the seventies was completed.  LSD, MDMA (ecstacy) and psilocybin (magic mushrooms) all have powerful effects on the human brain, show little risk for dependence or addiction, and when chemically pure have very few adverse physical effects.  This week Read more

Counselling cuts questioned

Press Release:  New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists Saturday 22nd March, 2014 *** Once more New Zealander’s access to counselling has been limited by funding cuts, this time in the area of free help for problem gamblers.  Yesterdays announcement that the Problem Gambling Foundation, or “PGF” would not have it’s contract renewed this year has shocked Read more

The psychological effects of poverty

I’ve never been a big fan of free market ideologies, largely I think that ideas like the “invisible hand” and “trickle down theories” fail to account for the very real individual differences in circumstances that nothing more than birth or bad luck forces on people.  It also fails to account for the impact that the Read more

Denial no answer – let’s talk

This piece appeared in the Sunday Star Times, Sunday the 2nd March, 2014.  Click here for the original article. OPINION: In the week following the death of Charlotte Dawson, it seems everyone’s been talking about suicide. Which is interesting, because the default position here in New Zealand, thanks to a coroner’s ruling in 2006, has Read more


My life is pretty paper free these days.  All my work is done on a laptop, my diary and even shopping lists are on my phone.  But I just can’t let go of the physical real world book.  I’ve always loved books, the size, shape and even smell of them.  To me the knowledge, creativity Read more

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