Sleep on it

So you thought your brain was resting while you were asleep?  Well turns out parts of your brain are as active when you’re asleep as when you’re awake.  And while science doesn’t fully understand why we sleep, or exactly what function dreams serve, we do know that sleep plays an important role in the consolidation Read more

It’s people, people, people

In this weeks chat with Wallace, our last of the series on Resilience (see also: Resilience and Emotional Immune System) we talked about how one of the strongest predictors of peoples ability to cope with stress and trauma across life is the quality of our earliest relationship, that of the attachment to our mother.  (Yeah Read more

Ban poverty

In an unprecedented show of support for the Auckland Council, John Key today announced that the National Government supported a ban on begging be enacted in the Central Auckland region. (Click here for the full story) “Our only concern is it doesn’t go far enough” said Key. “We would like to see a full scale Read more

Emotional immune system

One of the best ways to think about resilience is it’s like looking after our emotional immune system.  Just like our physical immunity, we all need to actively make sure we are looking after our emotional health as best we can.  And as Wallace and I talked about last time, their are some clear and Read more


Over the next few weeks Wallace and I are going to be talking about resilience, what is it and how can we all develop more of it.  Much of the resilience research grew out of the known fact that some people respond to stress and trauma better than others and set about finding out what Read more

Emotional Blackmail

This week Tony and I talked about “emotional blackmail”.  It was a pretty good place to end our interviews on the Home and Harden show, as from next week I’ll be talking with Wallace Chapman on the Sunday morning show, each fortnight.  (Click here for a link to this week’s interview). Emotional blackmail can also Read more

Warning: this is boring

Boredom.  Makes me bored even thinking about it.  But it’s actually quite hard to define, and even harder to combat. It can be quite a universal experience and for some quite painful and debilitating. But what is it?  This week on the Radio Live Home and Garden Show host Tony Murrell and I talked about Read more

Decision fatigue

Have you ever come home exhausted from work and felt unable to even make the most simple decisions?  Or found half way through a big project that you simply don’t care any more and start making random choices?  Odds are you’re suffering from what psychologists have come to call “decision fatigue.” Tony and I talked Read more

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