Last week I talked about what empathy is and how our brains are hardwired for it.  (See: “Monkey see, monkey do“).  This week on Radio Live Tony and I discussed some research about how to increase our empathy. (Click here for audio of the interview). Researcher Roman Krznaric has looked at what he called “Highly Empathic Read more

Monkey see, monkey do

Sometimes science is really cool.  We’ve always known that as humans we are able to feel others pain, connect with how others are feeling and mimic what they are doing, but it took some monkeys and an accident to understand how. This week on Radio Live I talked about empathy and how “mirror neurons” were Read more

Make your bed and lie in it

Small things matter.  I’m afraid I’ve always been a big fan of making my bed, and on the odd day where I haven’t I generally need to make it right before I get into it. And I always like it when science makes me right. “Making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity Read more

Men and street violence

Mid-week I had a chat with Sean Plunket on Radio Live about the Jesse Ryder assault, men, violence and fighting.  Here’s the link in case you missed it: Click here for the audio of the interview Read more

The willpower muscle

This week on Radio Live Tony and I chatted about how we can all improve our willpower, something we all struggle with at times.  It’s the human condition, and like I talked about last week learning to control our impulses is a vital skill for success and health in modern society.  To understand how to Read more

Pass the marshmallows

My colleague has kindly placed a bowl of Easter eggs in our reception, and every time I walk past it I have to stop myself, with varying degrees of success, from popping one in my mouth.  It’s amazing how quickly it becomes a habit, and not a helpful one.  In my weaker moments I’m sure Read more

Forget self esteem

Self esteem ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.  In fact if you have high self esteem you’re likely being a bit cruel to your self and maybe even putting down others, even just in your mind.  It’s competitive and conditional by nature.  And that has some real downsides.  I talked about some of those Read more

Treat ’em mean…

We’re all familiar with the idea that the best way to get someone moving is to give them a swift kick up the bum.  Sometimes it even works.  But it seems to me in Western culture we often feel the need to drive others and ourselves with criticism and negativity.  “Get hard; Get on with Read more

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