The Poison Chalice

I’m pretty optimistic by nature, so forgive my spin on this one. Maybe it’s also just my need to feel like we are actually making a difference. But I honestly believe we are. It seems ACC are unable to find a “reviewer” for the new clinical pathway. Rumours are two have been approached, and turned Read more

The Swamp Creatures

Organizational culture is a hard thing to measure and describe. ACC has worked over the years to generate an image of them being helpful and compassionate over the years; their logo even says, “Prevention, Care Recovery.” However as all who have dealt with ACC recently know, for sensitive claims or indeed any claim, the culture Read more

ACC invents Time Machine: Uses it for Evil

Having been unhappy with only finding ways to deny current and new claims, ACC appeared to have used their considerable talents and resources to develop technology that even the most skilled and ingenious quantum physicists have been unable to achieve: the ability to travel through time and change the past! Now anyone who has ever Read more

New Years Resolution: Complain more

I have always been inclined to complain about injustice. It will surprise few that I have even been known to send the odd letter to the editor in the past and much to my partner’s annoyance even yell at the evening news. Occasionally I even stop watching the news, just so I stop yelling at Read more

The Rapists Charter

One of the most well recognised tactics that abusers of all types use, and this is confirmed time and time again in the clinical literature, is to “blame the victim.” The classic example of this being when a woman is blamed for being attacked due to having dressed too provocatively. That’s why I was so Read more

Someone really should tell them

So I’ve been worried lately I might have been a little harsh on ACC. It is possible, even likely I thought, that they actually don’t know that their public statements are ill-informed. Likely, I thought because if they do know then that means senior ACC managers and maybe even the Minster Hon. Nick Smith are Read more

Insensitive Claims

“We’re pleased to say that the transition has gone smoothly.” Alarmingly, Dr. Peter Jansen the senior clinical directorate who is in charge of these changes  recently sent a letter where he made the above statement! The story is very different in reality, and we are starting to hear horrific stories of confusion and incompetence.  Stories like: A Read more

ACC protest delivers 4000 signatures to Parliament

Click here to see the story as it originally appeared on Stuff Opponents of ACC’s new guidelines for dealing with sensitive claims have delivered a petition with 4000 signatures to Parliament in Wellington. Petition organisers said half of the signatures came from clinical professionals. ACC Minister Nick Smith was unavailable to meet the petition’s organiser Read more

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