Is there a doctor in the house?

25/03/12 Update: This blog post has been edited from it’s orginal after legal counsel for Dr. Dodwell expressed concerns about the impact of this blog post on his ongoing professional reputation. Today’s announcement that ACC has managed to send information about 9000 6000 clients, including allegedly 250 137 Sensitive Claims clients, has been described as Read more

ACC Sensitive Claims Provider and Client Survey

The last step of the Independent Clinical Review of the ACC Sensitive Claims Treatment Pathway is nearly upon us, namely the 18 month follow up review.  As part of that process representatives of the various professional bodies will be meeting with Barbara Disley, the review’s lead author in late March to discuss how ACC are Read more

Time is right to protest via social media sites

This post appeared as a guest column in the Sunday Star Times on the 15th January.  Click here to see the original. The past 12 months have been a great time for protesting. Internationally, Time magazine made The Protester its Person of 2011. And it’s not surprising really. We are more connected to each other Read more

Who benefits?

Much has already been said about the recent announcement by National of it’s “solution” to what it claims are the many young languishing as school dropouts or on either a Domestic Purposes Benefit or an Indepednent Youth Benefit.  Like a lot of policies instituted by this National Govenrment the position it has taken seems devoid Read more

Feminist sympathiser?

I have been accused of many things over the last couple of years and most of them I feel proud of.  Like this accusation from the MENZ website (the website of John Potter husband of Dr. Felicity Goodyear-Smith see here) because of this blog I wrote sometime ago. “Perhaps his judgement has been impaired by an Read more

Media Statement 26th May 2011 ACC Sensitive Claims: Core concerns yet to be addressed Kyle MacDonald: Psychotherapist ACC has released today the six-month report by Dr. Barbara Disley, in follow up to the Independent review of the Sensitive Claims “new pathway” introduced in August 2009. The report highlights a number of areas where progress has Read more

What price pride?

Readers of this blog over time will be familiar with Dr. Peter Jansen’s work, and may even have their own opinions about his clinical and medico-legal expertise. You may have even expressed some of those opinions to friends and colleagues. I have. You are entitled to do so, and to be fair, it would be Read more

Progress Report – Through the Looking Glass

When I wrote the last “Off the Couch” I was optimistic.  We had just received a very supportive and clear Independent Review and it seemed unthinkable that ACC could do anything but simply follow the recommendations, and implement it’s suggestions. I’m not stupid, but I now realise I have been very naive. So what has changed?  Nothing Read more