Media Statement 26th May 2011 ACC Sensitive Claims: Core concerns yet to be addressed Kyle MacDonald: Psychotherapist ACC has released today the six-month report by Dr. Barbara Disley, in follow up to the Independent review of the Sensitive Claims “new pathway” introduced in August 2009. The report highlights a number of areas where progress has Read more

What price pride?

Readers of this blog over time will be familiar with Dr. Peter Jansen’s work, and may even have their own opinions about his clinical and medico-legal expertise. You may have even expressed some of those opinions to friends and colleagues. I have. You are entitled to do so, and to be fair, it would be Read more

Progress Report – Through the Looking Glass

When I wrote the last “Off the Couch” I was optimistic.  We had just received a very supportive and clear Independent Review and it seemed unthinkable that ACC could do anything but simply follow the recommendations, and implement it’s suggestions. I’m not stupid, but I now realise I have been very naive. So what has changed?  Nothing Read more

And now for the apology…?

I may be old fashioned, or conditioned by my profession to focus on “the relationship” but perhaps it’s now time for ACC to apologise. In these times of “systemic failure,” independent reviews and Ministers who are unable (or unwilling) to take a position, there is still a lot to be said for a good old Read more

"Sex-abuse cuts ‘all about costs’"

By TIM HUME – Sunday Star Times A former senior ACC manager says the corporation’s cuts to sexual abuse counselling are “all about costs”, contrary to ACC Minister Nick Smith’s claims they were about ensuring best practice for clients. David Rankin, now Child Youth and Family’s senior medical adviser, has also revealed an advisory group Read more

"Conflicting Interests?"

“Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith is a senior academic and doctor who was commissioned by ACC to research sexual abuse counselling. She is also the daughter-in-law of Centrepoint guru and paedophile Bert Potter, is married to a convicted sex offender and has controversial views on the workings of the ‘sexual abuse industry’. Tim Hume examines allegations of Read more

Light at the end of the tunnel?

ACC Media Release Wednesday 11th August 2010 Extra support for sexual abuse survivors Extra support is being made available to survivors of sexual abuse, ACC announced today. From Monday 16 August, people with a new ACC sensitive claim, or with a new claim already in the system but awaiting a decision, will be able to Read more

Ideology of Denial

Recently I was asked if my quote in this Herald article meant that I thought that ACC were deliberately looking for ways to decline claims, a contentious assertion to be sure. I don’t think that, and I said so. Such a crude and simplistic explanation clearly makes little sense. I harbour no ideas that the day Read more