Question time, but no answers…

So what questions would you like answered by the Hon. Dr. Nick Smith?  Personally I’d like to know who these “expert clinicans” are, especially seeing he’s relying on them so heavily.  So far as I can tell none of the people they’re relying on are experts in the field, so I’d like that one cleared up.

I’d also like to know how ACC and the National Government keep claiming that this new pathway is based on the “Massey Guidelines” when the authors of this research are clear it isn’t?  I’d love to hear a straight answer on that one too.

You can ask him questions as well (but don’t expect a straight answer).  His contact details are here:

Parliament Office
Private Bag 18888
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160

Nelson Electorate Office:
Phone 547 2314
Fax 547 2315

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