Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

Short term therapy/ counselling

Kyle is trained and skilled in a number of short term behaviourally oriented treatments, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or “CBT”, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy “ACT” and motivational therapy.  Often a number of simple problem behaviours can be treated quickly and effectively with short term counselling.


Alcohol and drug assessment and treatment

Having worked for a number of years in addiction services Kyle offers assessments of alcohol, drug and gambling use, which can give you a clear idea if your use is a problem.  He can also advise on a range of change strategies and harm minimization techniques, which can motivate you to change your use, or stop all together if that is your goal.


Long term psychotherapy

Psychotherapy that addresses long standing patterns of behaviour or difficulties caused by your upbringing, childhood difficulties or trauma, serious mental illness or personality disorders can require a little longer to treat effectively.  Kyle is trained and experienced in a number of longer term therapy approaches including psychodynamic therapy, attachment focussed therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy or “DBT”.  In some cases this can involve coming more than once a week, depending on the severity of the problem and the degree of support required.


Trauma therapy

Kyle worked for many years for a specialist psychotherapy service which provided treatment for personality disorders and severe and complex trauma, including childhood sexual abuse.


Psychotherapy can help you

Kyle is an experienced psychotherapist who has worked in mental health, addiction, domestic violence and specialist psychotherapy programmes.
Kyle is a co-director of the Robert Street Clinic, established in 2010 as a private psychotherapy and counselling service in Ellerslie, Auckland.
He sees men and women for short term solution focused counseling and longer term intensive psychotherapy. He’s trained in both behavioral and psychodynamic therapies, including Dialectical Behaviour Therapy or “DBT” with a particular focus on Mindfulness based approaches.

Consultation Services

Professional supervision
Most mental health professionals require ongoing supervision as part of their training and professional development.  Kyle is experienced in offering individual supervision to psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors.

Clinical Consultation
Kyle can also provide one off consultation on particular cases, either individually or to teams.


Fee schedule

SESSION TYPE (All sessions 50 minutes)
First session – assessment $200 inc.GST  
One off,  fortnightly, or less frequent $200 inc.GST $130 inc.GST
Ongoing weekly sessions $190 inc.GST $130 inc.GST
Professional Supervision $200 inc GST  

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