Joe Stockhausen

On the 15th of November Hamish Coleman-Ross and I hosted the NewstalkZB show “The Nutters Club.”

We were joined by Joe who was born and raised as a female, and experienced years of gender and body discomfort from childhood.

After in-depth research and reflection, Joe came to the realisation as a teenager that he was transgender and subsequently opted to transition during high school. He offered a raw conversation on the psychological reality of being a young transgender person in New Zealand and talks about the biggest misconceptions of the transgender community.

With thanks to NZ on Air.

To listen to the audio of the show, it’s in two parts, click the links below…

Click here for The Nutters Club: Sunday 15/11/20 Part 1…

Click here for The Nutters Club: Sunday 15/11/20 Part 2…

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