The Nutters Club: Moving on from the God Squad

On the 10th of June Hamish Coleman-Ross and I hosted the NewstalkZB show “The Nutters Club.”

We talked with guest Jono about his childhood growing up in Camp David, a religious community in Canterbury which folded in 1995 after revelations its leader had sexually abused several women. He shares how this upbringing and his own experience of sexual abuse impacted him in his life.

To listen to the audio of the show, it’s in two parts, click the links below…

Click here for The Nutters Club: Sunday 10/06/18 Part 1…

Click here for The Nutters Club: Sunday 10/06/18 Part 2…

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  • Kimah Rua June 11, 2018, 11:44 pm

    Thankyou for all that you do so well! 
    This “nutter” of a man (Jono)… is my dad!
    Thankyou for allowing him and many others to come on the show and share their stories! As you will be quite aware.. Jono barely touched on his experiences as a young man growing up in such an oppressive religious sect. Most of what was said is only “tip of the iceberg” type stuff. Fortunately for us we didnt have 3 hours to listen to dad go off on another tangent hehe. Sorry dad. Still love you and i am so proud – even though you waffle! 😉
    Anyway, i too have struggled with my experiences as a young girl growing up in Camp David – not only the stuff i endured directly, but also the stuff that has affected me indirectly through experiences of my parents, aunties and grandparents!
    Now, after a long battle with mental health issues and alot of counselling i am proud to say i am back on track with my own life. I am now 33 years old and in my final year of my nursing degree. I am considering specialising in mental health – specifically child and adolescent – so, your work really resonates with me, both on a personal and clinical level.
    Once again, thank you! To you and Hamish for having dad on the show, for allowing him to share his story and for supporting him! 
    You’re awesome! 
    Best regards,
    Kimah (Jono’s daughter)

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