Caralise Trayes

On the 26th of July Hamish Coleman-Ross and I hosted the NewstalkZB show “The Nutters Club.”

We talked to journalist Caralise-Trayes about her learnings through researching and writing her book The Final Choice: End of Life Suffering: Is Assisted Dying the Answer? Click here for more about her book…

We talked about how death is an element of life that inevitably none of us are able to escape. Both the grief of losing loved ones and acknowledging our own mortality are huge psychological events for us to face in our life.The process of dying in itself is sensitive and challenging terrain, how we arrive at death brings massive philosophical and moral conversations.

With thanks to NZ on Air.

To listen to the audio of the show, it’s in two parts, click the links below…

Click here for The Nutters Club: Sunday 26/07/20 Part 1…

Click here for The Nutters Club: Sunday 26/07/20 Part 2…

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  • Kris August 20, 2020, 6:18 pm

    great blog

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