Lisa Tamati

On the 11th of October Hamish Coleman-Ross and I hosted the NewstalkZB show “The Nutters Club.”

Our guest was Lisa Tamati who is an ultra marathon runner who has raced in extreme locations around the world including Death Valley and the Sahara Desert.

She is the author of multiple books including her latest, “Relentless” written about the ongoing battle to advocate for her mother’s health after she suffered a brain aneurism.

Tamati talked with us about the mental fortitude and steadfast mindset employed to support her mum through health crisis and the alternative therapies she utilised to help her mum’s recovery like a ketogenic diet and hyperbaric oxygen therapy

With thanks to NZ on Air.

To listen to the audio of the show, it’s in two parts, click the links below…

Click here for The Nutters Club: Sunday 11/10/20 Part 1…

Click here for The Nutters Club: Sunday 11/10/20 Part 2…

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