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I just wanted to let everyone know that Radio Live have been good enough to give me a few minutes each week to talk about some things that really matter to me.  I’ll be talking to Tony Murrell on the Home and Garden show each week about Mindfulness, positive psychology and giving some tips for what we can all do to both take care of our minds and hopefully be a little happier.

Feel free to tune into Radio Live every Saturday until the end of March, just after the 9am news.  And if you miss it I’ll be posting links to the audio here on “Off the Couch” each week.  And so here’s the link for this Saturday’s interview (click here for the audio).  You can also listen to my interview from a few weeks back with Wallace Chapman (click here for the audio).

I’m pretty excited to be talking each week about something I’m so passionate about, but also because Radio Live have decided to give mental health some more air time.  If you like what I’ve go to say, or just like that they have put a psychotherapist on air then you might like to email them (click here) and let them know.



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